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Originally Posted by Leaf Lander View Post

Toronto Maple Leafs

Coach: Scotty Bowman

Assistant coach: Dan Bylsma

Bobby Hull-Max Bentley-Cam Neely
Wendel Clark-Darryl Sittler-Tod Sloan
Ray Whitney-Brent Sutter-Paul Henderson
Scott Hartnell--Doug Jarvis-Tomas Holmstrom
Ray Ferraro

Carl Brewer-Nikolai Sologubov
Brian Rafalski-Charlie Huddy
Stefan Persson-Bill Barilko
Al Iafrate

Turk Broda
Marc Andre Fleury
Kelly Hurdey




Barilko -Huddy

I will give my version of an assasination on my divisional rivals, starting with your squad LL:


-Once again a fantastic 1st line for the Leafs. Hull and Neely are straight forward bull-dozer types of course, but you can't ask for a better center than Bentley between those two to get them both the puck. There may be a notion that there isn't enough pucks to go around for these three, but I don't buy it. One of the best first lines in the league.

-Pretty big drop off to the second wave. Sittler is the only legit top 6'er on this line IMO. Clark is more of a prototypical 3rd line banger at this level and Sloan is Sloan. The pure offense of Sittler will provide some secondary offence but if the top line runs cold in a series this is a huge concern.

-Run of the mill 3rd line, but nice elements none the less. I like the Sutter-Henderson checking connection, but Whitney deosn't fit here.

-Jarvis is a great option as a 4th line C.


-Yikes. Can Brewer log 30 minutes a game? Because Huddy-Rafalski and Persson-Barilko would get exposed badly against a coach on the other side that has any matchup sense. A poor group of 6 overall that could be your downfall.


Broda is awesome obviously. Could stand on his head any series - and this may be your ticket to a couple series victories, despite holes on defence.


Bowman is one of the best obviously, but not the best IMO. He always had star-studded superior rosters to work with.

Overall not a bad entry this time LL, but we'll see what the others think. There's plenty to like (a kick-ass 1st line, star goaltender, some nice grit and heart scattered throughout) but there is also obvious holes.

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