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03-18-2012, 05:41 PM
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Tourney in Peterborough last season...
Playing Barrie Jr. Colts...
We had this one kid on our team who'd just been cut from AAA...into hard drugs you know thatstory...

Anyways he'd only played in 2 of our first 7 or 8 games, and he just shows up in Peterborough.

So we get down 5 or 6 -zip after 20, and the next period the most laid-back kid on my team gets jumped from behind by this mental kid from Barrie.
But the crazy kid on my team (who'd been tossed from both of his previous games)...was like 'Nobody upstages ME!'
So after the mental kid from Barrie got out of the box, he skated right back to mr. Laid-back on my team, and tries to hit him from behind...
He missed, but got two for charging.
As he skates past our bench with the linesman, he starts chirping the psycho kid on my team , saying **** like 'Hey crackhead, pass the Vitamin K!'
Anyways kid gets out of the box, and I swear to god the psycho kid on my team was standing, not moving. The Barrie kid skates by him and, without moving, he elbows the Barrie kid in the face. Barrie kid stays down.
Now the Barrie bench clears, and four guys go for psycho.
He crosschecks two of em in the face, slashes another one in the neck, and the third one's the Barrie backup.
He tries to blocker Psycho, but Psycho blocks the swing , pulls the blocker off and starts beating the goalie with his own blocker.
Once the linesman finally pried him off, the Barrie parents were all over Psycho.
Flickin him the bird, calling the cops, etc..
Then he tried to hop the glass...

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