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Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
So Moore IS screwed? He's developing as he should be, so far. How you can read anything else into EDM's statement, well, I can't help you. You're looking for something.
I never said that Moore IS screwed. EDM stated that Blue Jackets screwed everyone but Moore which is wrong on any part. That's a logical conclusion and I'm not "looking for something". Is he developing properly? We gonna find it out in a year or two, not now. So far he's OK. Not great, not bad, just OK. He's still developing. I think Blum is a better player now, but Nashville keeps him in the AHL. And they know how to develop d-men. Making every other CBJ prospect "screwed" is just silly.
Questioning Nikitin how? Everyone I'm reading says he's been good. The only concern I see is - does he have to play with Tyutin because of the language barrier? Because he's having problems with other partners.
I'm not going to look for all statements where people are doubting his abilities, but I saw quite a few of them and you can find one even in this thread. Look at his play with JJ or Wiz on PK or him running PP with Brassard. I think he looked decent and I won't say "he's having problems" with them. Give him decent partner, not necessary Tyutin, and he's gonna be OK.

Nikitin makes mistakes. JJ makes mistakes. Wiz makes mistakes. Again, you're looking for something and I'm not sure why.
Well, that's not about just mistakes. More about his overall game. He looks lost too often to be NHL regular so far.
Even the post you quoted didn't suggest he should run the power play.
Originally Posted by Matt Foley View Post
JJ and Wiz on the PP? Works for me. Maybe it would be best to have them on separate units (Moore and Wiz; JJ and Savard)?
I'm lost here. This post isn't suggesting he should run the power play? I don't get it, possibly that's just my language barrier... I'm like Nikitin - I need Russian interpreter.

This is ridiculous, and I'm not even going to address it.
Probably I used wrong wording as it happens quite often to me. Moore CAN be better than any of the 2 Russians, but for now is ridiculous to put him ahead of them on the depth chart. All what I've tried to say is that he has to go a pretty long way to be a top-4 NHL d-man.

I'm not seeing anyone question Nikitin on next year's roster.
Did you read even THIS thread and the post I have already quoted?
if nikitin plays this bad without tyutin then we cannot keep him around next season
WTF is that? Post like this one ain't rare over here. I think you should stop be concerned about his language barrier, he'll improve it. He's good when he's playing with an NHL partner no matter what nationality he's.

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