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03-18-2012, 05:54 PM
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Originally Posted by FlashyG View Post
Its more likely an MCL injury than an ACL. As Zetterberg40 said, the ACL is a major part of your knee's stability and skating or walking on it would be near impossible if his ACL was torn.

From his symptoms is sounds like a Grade 3 MCL tear, the worst kind unfortunately, that prevents the knee from bending and healing time is normally 6 weeks + and includes immobilization, so rehab work to regain strength afterwards.

I hope its less serious cause if it is an MCL tear he's likely done for the season.
The hit was straight on so it isn't likely that it was a MCL, MCL injuries in hockey almost always are from side impact whereas ACL injuries come from straight on collisions. Hopefully it's only a partial tear to keep his rehab time down.

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