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Originally Posted by Bernie Parent 1974 View Post
Coburn made that OT play. Briere gets credit for a nice pass, but had Coburn taken it & shot, not doubt a shootout would follow. Excellent play by Coburn to let it got to Hartnell, who changed the angle on MF, and banked it.

Danny didn't clear the puck @ the blue line, and that led to goal #2
No just NOOO. Yes Coburn read the play and saw the pass wasn't intended for him. Briere made that whole play bringing the puck over the line and finding a open spot to sit and read the play and pass it to the open man. Briere made the play, not Coburn. Give credit where credit is do. Oh I had a great vantage point of this goal too, I was there and was staring straight at Briere when he made the play. It was all him, he created the opportunity himself.

On goal #2 Briere wasn't even on the ice for the goal, so I question how much you pay attention to the game?

And please let's not bring what Briere said into this discussion again. You took his words out of context and it's been beaten like a dead horse.

I also hate that everybody was yelling to shoot with 5 seconds on the clock! I can't stand that. He had time to make a play and made it.

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