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03-18-2012, 07:24 PM
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Originally Posted by Paranoid Android View Post
Detroit has been missing some major players in their lineup (Datsyuk, Lidstrom, Howard, Franzen, Bertuzzi, etc.), yet are keeping pace with us. They outplayed us last week while icing a bunch of AHLers. We would have gotten slaughtered had they been healthy, and they will be healthy come playoff time unfortunately. The December/January Predators team could beat them in a series. Now? I don't feel quite as confident.

Chicago is in the same boat as us, I agree. Difference is they are missing their captain, but at least we have solid goaltending to give us an edge.

St Louis, well nothing needs to be said here. They are dominating.

Vancouver is in a bit of a lull, but they have sheer skill to get them by, something we don't have. They can somewhat afford to coast, and have proven in the past they can bring it once the post season starts.

LA and Dallas have improved themselves over the past few weeks. Sure it's partly due to them fighting for a playoff spot, but that makes me kind of wish we were fighting for something to give us some momentum.

All others are playing similar to us, and are likely not in good shape for the playoffs.

"We're no more or less consistent than most teams around us in the standings right now", man you sure are making me feel confident about our team . Call me crazy but this doesn't convince me that we're in good shape right now. It only takes one or two bad games to be eliminated in the playoffs. Shooting par isn't something I'm aiming for. Luckily we still have 3 weeks to aim for something better.

I'm almost always on your side of the fence, but something just isn't sitting right with me right now. I've felt it since the all star break.
St Louis is enjoying a relatively easy schedule right now. Columbus twice, Carolina, and Tampa in their last five.

Originally Posted by hockey diva View Post
A Detroit team that is missing some key pieces and we barely beat last Saturday. I don't take their last 10 games as evidence that they are in trouble, any more than I take our last 10 games as evidence that we are fine. The Blues are firing on all cylinders. Vancouver is playing well enough to stay at the top of the West. All the Pacific teams are bearing down trying to get in. Chicago is only missing Towes otherwise they are solid and may end up only 2 points behind us after tonight.

I am not a cliff jumper or a chicken little. We are not playing well and I have a right to express my opinion on our play. I may have exaggerated somewhat. Maybe we won't be one and done but based on our play at this moment, I think we are.
Three teams in the conference have a better record than us over the past ten games ... five league wide if you want to look to the east. We played well against Detroit until we did our usual let up with a lead. It's the same thing we did against the Yotes. Luckily, we got away with it those games.

Zone clears, defensive assignments, playing with intensity for 60mins to include with a lead ... the big areas that need addressing. All mental.

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