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Originally Posted by tserberis View Post
Is there an option that Suter and Weber just play it soft to proof to Polie that we suck without them?
Sometimes I have thought that. If that is the case, Suter should just have said he doesn't want to be on the Preds team anymore and that he doesn't plan on signing after the deadline and then we could have traded him to another team or just said that was fine and part ways after the season was over. Surely we could get a player that is playing better than he has been playing these past several games w/ the amount of money he gets paid. He's still on this team getting paid so he still needs to be working his butt off and not half assing it whether the rest of the team sucks or not. I rather have someone on the team that is working hard and wants to be on the team w/ maybe less skill than someone that has more skill but doesn't want to be on the team and isn't even trying. If he wants to win a stanley cup like he keeps on saying, then he just like the rest of the team need to step up their game. But it's going to start w/ him and Weber first as they are our leaders. If they are playing poorly, do you think that will motivate the other players to want to play well? Every player on this team needs to step up their game and work hard if they want to win. So far our leaders (Weber and Suter) aren't doing that so how can I expect the rest of the team to too.

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