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02-13-2006, 06:46 AM
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Originally Posted by waffledave
Don't try for the perfect shot every time. It takes a while to get used to the speed of game situations and you don't realize it in practice but you take a bit longer to shoot those sick snipes.

Just put the puck on net. Things will happen. Eventually you'll get used to shooting in game situations and you'll be able to snipe quicker. The most important thing is to just shoot it on net. Even if the shot sucks, it takes alot of practice to be able to pass the puck and set up nice plays in game situations. You just need to get some more confidence first.
I would agree with this for the most part, the post above covers most of what needs to be said. In training and scrimmage i have one of the better wrist shots on our team, but our team isn't as good as the teams we play. I dont get closed down quickly in training so can take my time with shots. In games, the opposition is much better than i am used to playing so i have to get the shot away quicker. As a result, the shot is hurried and not as accurate as it is in training.

One thing i will comment on though, there are different approaches to taking wrist shots, you can beat a goalie with 2 things on your wrister, speed and accuracy - or quick release. When you are in close to the goal, you wont be given time to wind up a big wrister, but a quick release wrister will do the job nicely. Similarly, if you are a distance away from the goal, a quick release wont be as effective as you can't get as much power on your shot, but you might have more time to wind up. Do you tend to find you go for the big wind up on wristers most of the time? I spent some time over the last year working on my release and it helped me a lot. Instead of dragging the puck from near my back foot and putting power into my shot around the net, i concentrated on a sudden release. Try just stickhandling back and forth on your forehand side (very simple, nothing fancy, not moving the puck too far) and as you get closer to the net when you pull the puck back in your stickhandling, instead of moving it back in front of you as you normally do stickhandling, snap a quick shot at the net. If you can make it look like you are going to stickhandle all the way to the goal but disguise the build up to a wrister then you have a better chance to catch the goalie off guard. It took me a bit of time to really make an improvement and get decent power with the quick release but i think its well worth it. Hopefully that makes some kind of sense and will be of some use to you, apologies if it isn't clear.

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