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02-13-2006, 07:06 AM
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Originally Posted by JapanMontrealExpat
Sorry Pred303. I didn't mean to slight any other Pred poster.
he was kidding JME...

and as far as this trolling thing.... a good rule of thumb should generally be, if you beat a team, you never post on their board..because they're going to be highly sensitive to begin with... nothing i hate any worse after losing a game than coming to our own GDT and seeing where fans from the other team are on here saying something/anything about the game... i know everyone thinks it's "just for fun", but other teams fans are just as passionate as we are, and hate to lose as badly as we do... and this so-called "good natured ribbing" is in reality nothing but childish gloating most of the time..

if they come to our GDT and whine about reffing, or a goal, or life in general you let them have it...but not on their board.. what's the purpose?... personally i would hope this bunch has more class and maturity than the teenagers that dominate many other team boards

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