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Originally Posted by Double-Shift Lassť View Post
I thought we were talking about EDM's take on Moore not being screwed. He said he's not, you seemed to be taking issue with what he said. Now you're onto the notion that everyone else isn't screwed. Whatever. Moore isn't screwed - seems we can all agree on that. He's developing OK, right? We're all saying that.
My point is WE DON'T KNOW if he's screwed or not. Looking at his recent play and shortened ice time I would make a suggestion he's regressed a bit (maybe regressed is too strong word).
So you're saying Nikitin is playing every bit as well since Tyutin went out of the lineup?
Have no idea about bits, but he's not regressing for sure. AJ would have made everyone look worse and sometime he's succeed doing that to Nikitin.
Don't consider "playing on" the power play "running" the power play. Saw Dorsett out there last night. Is he running the power play?
Moore shouldn't be on the power-play at all... yet...
Disagree. Posts "like that" ARE rare. Unless you're on the lookout for them. I'm tired of these posts making it out like I'm somehow inclined to prefer Moore to Nikitin. Feel free to continue your "Nikitin not Moore" crusade.
I'm OK with having both of them on the team. Crusades ain't for me.

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