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02-13-2006, 10:05 AM
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Originally Posted by SensGuy
It was already stated above by Fuhr86, so I don't have to say it again.

Jokinen is a sure thing? Considering he has ZERO playoff experience, I don't believe that one bit.

Why not? The Sens could have Havlat for another year after this because he can't bargain for much this summer, or they could move him at the draft and pick up assets that they can have for more than 3 months, which is how long Jokinen would be in Ottawa.
Oh is playoff hockey much different from the regular season hockey? Do they use broom instead of sticks and a ball instead of a puck? Why wouldn't Jokinen do well in the playoff? His game is physical, just like playoff hockey is.

Last I check you don't need to skate with your shoulder so Havlat skating isn't too big of a news. But even if he returns, there are no guarantee he does at 100% or how will the shoulder injury affect plays. If you expect Havlat to come back and be a critical part of your lineup then its asking too much.

and when i say "i'm not arguing" it means that I agree with you...its a good thing for you. Havlat would fetch more in the offseason or may contribute more next season if the Sens somehow manage his salary under the cap.

I don't believe the Sens can keep their current roster for next season though. Hasak may retire, they can't afford both Chara/Redden, Spezza is going to get major $$$. If you guys are so close to the cup its just ashame if you don't go for it.

Look at TB. Look at their team and you will seee that one of the major different is Khabibulin. Sens is in very similar situation...if Hasak goes who will be in goal next season? Emery? You really think your team have a great shot next year with Emery in goal?

Well its up to the Sens i guess...would you rather hoist the cup at the expense of the next few years, or have a good team for next few year and have less chance of winning the cup now.

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