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Originally Posted by theripper View Post
you dont get it. they went into hiding because their argument would look dumb when trying to push their agenda when he is playing excellent. they waited for an opportunity such as a few bad games to pounce. its like a sucker punch.

give me a break. every goalie is screwed if the d mails it in. in the finals for example, he had 3 shutouts. i guarantee you if there wasnt this unfounded luongo hate ,any other goalie would be receiving praise for getting 3 shutouts in the finals when his team couldnt even score, instead of focusing on such a retarded argument that he let in 8 goals in a game. i seem to remember the last 3 or 4 goals came in the last few minutes in the game when every canucks player basically just stood there, or took a penalty, and were waiting for the clock to wind down. i also seem to remember, was it bob mckenzie who would pick luongo for conn smythe if the canucks were able to win the last game. thats basically saying he was the best player on the team in that series. please tell me who else at least gave them a chance to win.

maybe people are drawing conclusions with such a small sample size. scheniders played what, about 26 games this year. what is so impressive with these wins. alot of them were against bottom feeders or bad teams. pretty ordinary when you can pop in here and there and play a game always fresh. its not so much what schneider has done. its just hate.

Mar 17 COB W 4-3 its columbus
Mar 8 WPG W 3-2 out of playoff spot

Feb 24 @ NJD W 2-1 good win
Feb 19 @ EDM W 5-2 its edmonton
Feb 9 @ MIN W 5-2 its minnesota

Jan 31 CHI W 3-2 average win
Jan 10 @ TAM W 5-4 its tampa
Jan 7 @ BOS W 4-3 good win
Dec 29 @ ANA W 5-2 its anaheim
Dec 6 COL W 6-0 its colorado
Nov 29 COB W 4-1 bluejackets
Nov 26 @ SAN W 3-2 out of playoffs spot

Nov 25 @ PHO W 5-0 good win
Nov 23 @ COL W 3-0 again,colorado,whos fighting many teams for last spot
Nov 20 OTT W 2-1 good win
Oct 22 MIN W 3-2 its minnesota
Oct 10 @ COB W 3-2 blowjackets

lets put this guy in the playoffs who has won 12 of his 16 wins against the nhls bottom dwellers, instead of the guy who has been numerous times nominated and runner up for the vezina,has a gold medal,has one of the best save percentages since the lockout,had 3 shutouts in the stanley cup finals with absolutely no team support. get the **** out of here with that logic

and 4 horrendous games.

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