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Originally Posted by Jester
if he gets hurt in the Playoffs trying to play through an injury that is a problem for no one because he has the summer to heal up before any hockey is going to get played.
You seem to be missing my argument which has to do with the nature of "suddenly healing" and fan expectations regarding whether players should play if they're injured, but that's okay. I'll switch topics with you.

He may have the summer to heal, but that's not relevant to what I was saying. The point of the lines you bolded were that if he were injured going into the playoffs (or even during the playoffs), but he was capable of playing to 75% effectiveness, the fans and Flyer management would expect him to play. And they wouldn't do so because they figure he has the summer to rest; suggesting that is dishonest. They'd do it because the Cup is important to them and they want to maximize their chances of winning. In the case of the Olympics, that is not important to many Flyer fans nor to Ed Snider, and so they've opted to criticize Forsberg for doing exactly what they'd demand he do if he were playing for their team in an event they held important.

Originally Posted by Jester
as much as it might not seem like it, Playoffs v. Olympics is apples and oranges when it comes to the issues involved.
That rather depenmds on the "issues involved," doesn't it? If we discuss issues of importance, fan expectations based on those issues, and the desires of the player due to the importance of the events, they are very similar indeed. In fact I'd argue that the Olympics trumps the playoffs for Forsberg.

1. The Olympics comes once every four years. On the other hand, the NHL playoffs are an annual thing, and quite frankly he would have been going no matter who he signed with because he had no intention of signing with a bad team.

2. This may very well be his last opportunity, and even if he is capable of going in 2010, he cannot go expecting to be an impact player for his country.

3. The culture of Euro hockey, the culture in which Forsberg was raised, puts emphasis on the Olympics not the Stanley Cup playoffs. That's just the way it is. International competition is what matters most there, not the NHL's playoffs.

4. The tradition of Euro hockey (as I understand it) is that most Europeans don't mind terribly losing their talent to the NHL because it is a given that the player will give back to his home whenever he can. He will play in international tournaments if possible, and he will give the last couple of years of his career to a team at home. That's a long and honored tradition, and it's the one in which Forsberg was raised.

As I consider it further I realize you're right. There's really no comparison to be made between the playoffs and the Olympics. The Olympics are far and away more important to Forsberg, and he's treating them as such. Now your bias may be toward the NHL playoffs because you were raised in the NHL culture, but do not impose your cultural values on Forsberg. He does have the right to value this opportunity more highly than he values a handful of games (or even a full season) with the orange-and-black.

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