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Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post
And you're telling me what you're doing ISN'T pushing an agenda?

It doesn't take rocket science to figure out that Luongo doesn't receive flack simply because people hate him for no reason. Luongo has been both great and horrible in big games. Some fans have lost some confidence in him-- that's something that you can't disprove or rationalize, it's just a fact based on events that have happened in the past.
every great goalie has been great and horrible in big games. brodeur? roy? when you are good and can get to the big games frequently,you will have good ones and bad ones. even if luongo was perfect, you would then get the argument that its because of the team in front of him.

Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post

Schneider hasn't proven anything, obviously, but he's done nothing but inspire confidence in fans-- enough that some would be more comfortable seeing him than Luongo in a big game. Nobody knows whether or not this will be more fruitful, but different fans will feel differently about it. It's entirely justified. What's the big problem here? Why is it okay to push a pro-Luongo agenda but not a pro-Schneider one?
it isnt justified. wins over blue jackets and other basement dwellers doesnt mean much. putting it all on a guy with no notable achievements who's a coin toss is not just reckless,its idiotic.

Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post
Clearly the situation changes once the games become more important, but for the purpose of this one game, there's absolutely no reason to think Schneider wouldn't be able to be as good as Luongo against the Wild.

Discrediting Schneider's stats the way you are, you could just as easily flip your argument around and replace the advantage of being "fresh" with the disadvantage of being "rusty" and the disadvantage of "getting burned out playing more consecutive games" with the advantage of "getting into a groove/routine playing more consecutive games. It isn't logic or even an argument, it's just hate, perspective-skewing, and bias back in the opposite direction.
i'm not discrediting his stats. im writing facts. you seem impressed with wins over bluejackets,im not.
Originally Posted by Shareefruck View Post
Why be up in arms about some attitude people have when you're doing the exact same thing? I mean, come'on, get over yourself.
it isnt the same thing. one one side you have a goalie who hasnt played much at the nhl level,has no nhl noteable achievements,has most of his wins against weak teams, on the other hand you have a veteran goalie with olympic gold, has been in the vezina running numerous times,has one of the best save percentages post lockout,has been everywhere and was a game away from winning it all with 3 shutouts in the finals. forget the names at the back of the jersey. ask random people which option they would choose.they'd laugh in your face.

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