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03-19-2012, 10:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Andy View Post
That's true. However, sometimes some guys do stick around despite other people getting fired. What you pointed out could be said of coaches, but when Carbo got the boot, Martin still kept Muller around as an assistant. If we were to play the guilt by association game back then with Carbo as well, we wouldn't have had the benefit of having Muller for two years under Martin, a man who almost everyone loved and actually wanted as headcoach.

Now that doesn't mean Carriere should stay. However, just because he's associated with certain people, that shouldnt automatically disqualify him from the job. What should disqualify him is whether or not he's suited and competant for it, which we as fans don't know since we have no idea what moves he pushed for, which he didn't, what his vision is, how well he understands the game etc etc.
There's a difference between assistant coaches and assistant GMs. Whenever you change a front office person, usually there's a change in organizational culture, so the pro scouting department usually gets cleaned out, the right hand guy gets changed, etc. The amateur department either gets cleaned out or eventually replaced (though that's not necessarily just due to GM change, since scout shelf lives are usually short).

Changing coaches seems a bit different for whatever reason. Maybe because the GM had some part in hiring them, so he wants to keep them around. The major difference, I guess, is because the head coach isn't the organization's boss and if the front office likes a certain guy, they can impose him or try to negotiate his retaining with the coach.

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