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11-16-2003, 11:56 AM
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getting outplayed but winning

First off, I gotta hand it to me, I was pretty close yesterday; posted this in the game thread at 12:30pm:

I'm going out on a limb here and saying that the Habs take this one, 2-1. Remember the last couple of years how a lot of our wins would be games that we didn't deserve but we'd get a slim lead and then hang onto it for dear life being badly outshot until 00:00 rolled up on the clock? I think it'll be a game like that. The news lines shake things up and we get a couple of goals, then in the 3rd Ottawa's talent comes on strong but a combination of the trap (which will be pregnable by a team like the sens) and Theodore having a great game will get us our first win against this far far better team.

Okay, so one more goal for each side. Nobody's perfect.


As for what happened last night, yeah we definitely stole two points, but I'm not as discouraged as a lot of people on here. Look at this as a little retribution from the hockey gods for all of the games where we outplayed and badly outshot opponents but lost (the Rangers game comes to mind, but there have been quite a few this year). If we play the rest of the year the way we played last night, we'll be out of it by February; but let's be honest - the hockey we saw last night from the habs was the exception this year, not the norm. I don't think this team is all that bad if it would just put a few more pucks in the net. They've played well enough this season to be at or slightly above .500, and for right now that's good enough to keep us in the hunt.


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