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03-19-2012, 11:44 AM
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Originally Posted by nj17devils View Post
i have no obsession with your team. unlike most devils fans, i have a lot of respect for your team, their willingness and desire to win, and the history behind the team. however, historically, the devils have been the better franchise. and to say you have the better goal tender is ludicrous. i have nothing against hank, he's definitely one of the top goal tenders in the world right now. but marty brodeur is in a league of his own. the only thing that gives hank the upper hand is the age difference. i can admit some funny bounces in previous games may have helped us, but if you don't think the devils held their own against the rangers in those games, the last one especially, than you were watching a different game. keep in mind i didn't come over here looking for a fight, but rather to send a friendly "good luck" post your way. when i saw your post i felt the need to speak my mind.

edit: but anyway, good luck tonight, lol. should be a good game
Hank is better. He's never caught flopping endlessly around the crease

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