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03-19-2012, 01:29 PM
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Originally Posted by ORYX View Post
So you wont go as far as to say the Flyers can keep Crosby off the score sheet as they did yesterday, using that one game as your only example, but will use the pens dominance of 40 minutes as the indicator for a 7 game series?

Of course it is highly unlikely to keep him off the sheet, but just as unlikely as it would be for the Pens to dominate us the way they did for 40 minutes. And look no futher then the 3rd and OT last yesterday for evidence of that....

Give me whoever, this team can beat anybody, can lose to anybody. Whats important is the type of hockey they play when it matters, not who its against.

They will have to beat the best to go the distance, no sense 'hoping' for a weaker opponent from the get go as if it isnt going to get any tougher.
Not what I'm saying at all, I believe that the Flyers could win against anyone however, getting beat to hell in the first series that will most likely be a long series and pile up the injuries is not in our best interest as a Flyers fan. Sure it would be exciting the rivalries are great, but are you seriously asking if I'd rather go Pens 1st round without home ice, then play god knows who, Boston, Debs, Rags in the 2nd round or would I rather play Winnipeg or Washington with home ice in the first round then play whoever is the next worst seed left? Yea Ill take the 2nd option. Sure you have to beat the best to be the best but cruising thru a series while the rags and pens beat the snot out of eachother then play a beat up team in the 2nd round is the best option

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