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03-19-2012, 01:45 PM
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I can't believe the Jets lost that game last night. Thank God they did. I really wish Brouwer hadn't put Wheeler on his butt during our game against them, triggering the scrum which triggered the 4-on-4. We could have really used the loser point that night. Seems like Florida, Buffalo and Winnipeg are all playing for the loser-point wherever possible. (Though WIN failed at it last night.)

As for the Caps' chances tonight, at least they are facing a weakened and slumping Red Wings team. Not that it ensures victory, not by a long shot. But it improves the chances anyway.

As for Hunter v. Boudreau, I will say this. Hunter has clearly not been a miracle worker, and there are plenty of particular decisions or attributes I find fault with. On the other hand, overall, I do believe the team improved at least marginally.

Several areas come to mind.

1. He is considerably more composed behind the bench than BB. Yes, it borders on 'catatonic,' rather than composed. But I still think it's better than the near-constant exasperation & rage which BB was displaying by the end. It sends a message of discipline and strength which, in theory, rubs off on the players.

2. Fewer embarrassing blowout losses. The wheels don't seem to come off as completely or as often, under Hunter. There are even occasional comeback wins, particularly during the last month.

The team looked extremely emotionally fragile under BB. Under Hunter, it's true that they are boring, and afraid of making mistakes, and they dole out SOG as if they were last gulps of air in a collapsed coal mine. But still, team remains in contention deeper into games, and even completes the occasional comeback.

I don't know whether Hunter will, or should, be invited back for next season. I am even more curious whether he wants to. By all accounts, he loved the London gig. By some accounts, he is frustrated here that 8/28 operate in their own universe, and seem immune to his coaching. On the other hand, as an intense competitor, Hunter may have caught the old NHL bug again during his partial tour of duty this year.

God damn, I hope we win tonight.

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