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03-19-2012, 02:23 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersMania2 View Post
I have to do it...

Bryz doubters/haters: "Told ya so, Told ya so..." doing a little dance

Everyone loves to give up on goalies so quickly in philly. Half the fans still believe in JVR or still stand up for Carle, but the goalie has 2 bad months and doesn't dress up in O&B and put on a clinic immediately, and we dub him enemy number 1.

Love the bandwagoners and impatient fans who suddenly cheer him on after booing him.

Side note, since when did Boo'ing anyone help their game (when they are on our team)? It doesn't.

Point is, people were happy to see him fail and happy to have a skate goat. If people wanted him to succeed, they wouldn't have given up on him so quickly.

I am just glad that the Bryz jersey I bought in the beginning of the year doesn't get me Boo'ed at games now.
i don't believe you, you didn't doubt once this season...
give up quickly? 3/4 of season he sucked... yes he started turn it around SLOWLY after WC .

And i bet everyone including me was hoping for bryz to turn it around..
go back to topics of games and you will find numeruos posts of.. " lets hope Bryz will turn it around this match" a lot of ppl said it each match of 3/4 season..

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