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Originally Posted by NBHockey View Post
I did manage to make it to Thursday night and Saturday. The league awards were:

MVP Forwards - Alex Jacob
MVP Defence - Jared Ostroski
1st Team All Star Forwards: Alexandre Jacob, Kari Belec, Ryan Tompkins
1st Team All Star Defence: Jared Ostroski, Jon Cloutier
1st Team All Star Goalie: Julien Galloway
2nd Team All Star Forwards: Francis Theriault, Tristan Young, Spencer Buck
2nd Team All Star Defence: Hugo Robichaud, Cole Hachey
2nd Team All Star Goalie: Derek Goguen

Rookie of the Year: Sam King
Top Scorer: Jacob
Top playmaker: Theriualt

The games I saw were good games, and closely played. Couple of surprises, Caps beat out KV and North West beat out Acadia Penn to both finish in the top 4 against the two Moncton teams.

Jacob and Tompkins were really good against each other on Saturday night, they were the two dominate players in the game. Conrad really stepped up his game in the semi final game.

Meadows was lights out against KV, was the star of the game and was also good against Dieppe Saturday night. Comeau was very steady as was Robinson. Spencer Buck also looked terrific.

After seeing them again this weekend, I'll stand by my rankings.
Surprised to hear some of those All-Star selections.

Nice to hear about Meadows. Have always thought he is one of, if not the top 97 goalie in NB (Galloway being the other).

I actually saw several of the games as well.

Riley Scott (Northern) really impressed me. Seemed to really carry that team and has a motor that doesn't quit. He plays from goal to goal and is relentless.

Tompkins was just as you said, very dominant. I thought he may have been the best player in the tourney.

Couple of 98's really impressed me as well in Tardif(Dieppe), Reade(Moncton), Breau(District 3), McGraw(Saint John) and Leblanc(Fredericton).

Do you have any idea why Foulem played in nets for Moncton in the final?

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