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03-19-2012, 03:24 PM
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met a few through signings. Talked to Brooks Orpik last week for a bit as he was signing my jersey, the 29 jersey that I used to have for my avatar. Without shuffling me through the line like I was just another signing, he gave me a bit of history about his first call-up, how he was assigned the number (recycled Oliwa jersey that eventually returned to Oliwa....he thinks), how hammered the jersey was (stitchmarks from collar to crest), and how things used to be with the team. For him to take time out of signing that had at least another hour to tell me about his first callup, even if it was just for 2-3 minutes, was pretty cool.

Dupuis was the same way, willing to answer a few questions about his stuff without even thinking about the line waiting. Caught him at a signing, he asked about the game used stick that I had. Not even thinking that he switched to Bauer, I asked him if he still was all-Easton. He gave me a minute or so about how he was offered "a better deal" with Bauer and wasn't happy with the new Easton sticks.

Billy Tibbetts: a jerk in his pre-NHL days too.

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