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Originally Posted by Modo View Post

Dawson City Nuggets

Coach: "Badger" Bob Johnson
Captain: Bryan Trottier
Alternate Captains: Chris Pronger, Punch Broadbent

Anatoly Firsov - Bryan Trottier - Punch Broadbent
Esa Tikkanen - Evgeni Malkin - Pavel Bure
Hec Kilrea - Butch Goring - Pat Verbeek
Eddie Shack - Red Berenson - Adam Deadmarsh
x - Alex Shibicky, Sami Pahlsson

Chris Pronger - Sergei Zubov
Victor Kuzkin - Vitali Davydov
Flash Hollett - Dunc Munro
x - Dmitri Yushkevich, Darius Kasparaitis

Alec Connell
Lorne Chabot




1st Line

This line resembles the line the one that made Trottier a legendary player in New York. Firsov plays the role of Bossy the sniper, and Broadbent plays the role of Gillies, the fighter and bodyguard. The line fits well together. It won't be as effective as the original because Firsov is no Bossy, but it should still be a very successful 1st line.

2nd Line

The Malkin-Bure combination is scary for a 2nd line. It has a lot of talent, speed, and strong skating to burn. Malkin can certainly get the puck to Bure to fire off his shots. Malkin's actual resume is underwhelming for a 2nd liner, but his skill is undeniable. Tikkanen is as a good of a defensive conscious as there is on a 2nd line here(except for the out of place Bob Gainey). But, he can only do so much. Malkin and Bure are both pretty big minuses defensively at an ATD level, and one player can't make up for all that, no matter how good he may be defensively.

3rd Line

You've got a nice little blend of everything here on this line. They all have a little bit of offensive ability, Kilrea and Goring were solid two-way players, and Verbeek was a good agitator. They can serve as a checking line, and an energy line as well. Verbeek holds it back from being a pure, shutdown checking line though.

4th Line

You've got a weird mix of players here. Shack is an enforcer, which is good because you're going to need somebody to keep from Tikkanen getting his face punched in because of all his antics. So, he does serve a purpose here. Berenson is a good two-way player, and I have no idea why Deadmarsh gets picked in the ATD. Actually, I do know why, I just don't agree with it.

Forwards Overall

This is a group that should score a decent amount of goals. The top 6 has a lot of talent, and the bottom 6 supplies mostly grit and two-way play. They're a little lacking in terms of overall defensive ability, and could be exploited.

First Pairing

I'm one of the biggest Pronger fans around here. He's a very good #1 defenseman that can do everything. I like that you paired him with a guy that has a lot of speed in Zubov because that's the biggest issue Pronger has. It never held him back, but having a guy that could skate next to him helps. I find Zubov a bit overrated, but they work chemistry-wise.

Second Pairing

Even though these guys played together in real life, I'm not a huge fan of them as a 2nd pairing here. Davydov is a legit 2nd pairing guy, but I think Kuzkin is more of a #5. Davydov is either a below average #3 or very good #4. They fit chemistry wise, but lag behind a bit in terms of 2nd pairings.

Third Pairing

I would consider switching Hollett and Kuzkin. Munro is a serviceable bottom pairing defenseman.

Defense Overall

Like your forwards, a fairly offensively inclined group. They won't be bad in their own zone, but they won't be elite. A good group of puck movers here.


Connell is a passable #1, but is definitely on the lower end.


Bob Johnson is the perfect coach for this team. With offensively inclined forwards and a good group of puck moving defensemen, his style should get the most out of all these guys. This team will not have much trouble scoring goals.


The first PP is absolutely loaded with talent, but I think you need to balance things out because your 2nd unit looks horrific. There would not be enough puck to go around on the first unit with Malkin's puck possession game, Trottier, and two snipers in Firsov and Bure. You don't really have a net presence on that first unit either. I would try something like:


You can try to pass off Broadbent as a net presence because of his power forward characteristics. Then for the 2nd unit:


Berenson or Kilrea are probably more offensively talented, but Verbeek was a guy that made a living in front of the crease, despite how small he was.


You don't draft Pronger and not have him on your first PK unit. Put him on there, and take Kasparaitis off(who isn't even in your lineup). Do that, and the first unit looks very good. For the 2nd unit, I'd put Berenson in there somewhere instead of Broadbent. I don't think we have any documentation of Broadbent killing penalties. I'd also find a way to put Trottier in there.


That's what I would go with for a 2nd unit.


This team should score some goals. The top 6 has a lot of talent, and the defense is a good puck-moving group. But with a below average #1 goalie and a forward group and defense that isn't great defensively, they could be exploited.

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