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Originally Posted by Velociraptor View Post

I honestly didn't know that much about Watson, one impression I was under is that he wasn't a great skater. It might've been seventies ATD 2010 bio, there wasn't really anything that commented on his speed. But in that case, maybe he is a stronger skater than what I initially had thought.
He was so big that he probably looked slow out there, but anything I've seen talking about his skating says he was quite good at it.

He had a very deceptive style of skating and at times appeared to be hardly moving and then would break like a flash. - Trail of the Stanley Cup volume 2
He patrolled the wing with a strong skating stride, had a hard shot and was a good finisher for a playmaker like Apps. - Maple Leaf Legends
He was a deceptively fast skater who was used to check the opposition's top scorers, but had a good scoring touch of his own. - Total Hockey
Fast and strong, the bulky left winger possessed great offensive and defensive ability - Wings of Fire
He was known for his offensve ability complemented by deceptive speed, physical strength and capable defensive skills - Hockey Hall of Fame
Watson was a good skater who had a powerful shot - The Game We Knew: Hockey In the 50s
Watson's very bigness gives him somewhat of a lazy, ambling appearance as he patrols his left side in effecive fashion, but when he gets the puck he picks up top speed in about a stride and a half and presents a pretty picture as he whirlwinds towards the enemy's net. - Globe and Mail, 1951-12-2
All harvested from seventieslord's bio. But given that he was such a big player and primarily a goalscorer, I can definitely see how you might assume he was a plodding winger who just crashed the net for goals. I probably would have too if I hadn't researched the guy.

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