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Originally Posted by Leafs Forever View Post
Toronto St.Pats

GM: Leafs Forever13
Head Coach: Jack Adams
Captain: Raymond Bourque
Assistant Captains: Wayne Cashman, Frank Boucher

Roy Conacher-Frank Boucher-Glenn Anderson
Gord Roberts-Marcel Dionne-Wayne Cashman
Fleming Mackell-Keith Primeau-Danny Gare
Marcel Bonin-Troy Murray-Rejean Houle

Raymond Bourque-Allan Stanley
Cy Wentworth-Gary Bergman
Red Dutton-George Owen

Ed Belfour
Al Rollins

Spares: Bobby Rowe, D/RW, Chris Drury C/LW, Stephane Richer W, Gerard Gallant LW,

PP1: Roy Conacher-Frank Boucher-Glenn Anderson
Raymond Bourque-Allan Stanley

PP2: Gord Roberts-Marcel Dionne-Wayne Cashman
Gary Bergman-George Owen

PK1:Fleming Mackell-Rejan Houle
Raymond Bourque-Cy Wentworth

PK2: Troy Murray-Marcel Bonin
Red Dutton-Allan Stanley
First one in my division

Coaching and leadership

Jack Adams is a pretty average coach here. *He liked smashmouth physical hockey, which really isn't the team you drafted for the most part, but I don't see it being all that big a deal.

Leadership is okay. *Bourque is a fine C and Cashman a solid A. *Not sure about Boucher's leadership qualities, is this just a case of giving a letter to your best players? *


Frank Boucher is a great two-way center who probably should be considered an equal to Sakic and Yzerman in all things except leadership. *His wingers are so-so. *Glenn Anderson was a great clutch scorer who loved going to the net, but he never finished top 10 in NHL scoring despite a very favorable team situation. *I'd like him better on a second line than a first. *Roy Conacher is a better first liner, though I think he's gotten a bit overrated here when people look at his goal totals. *He's a fine finisher for Boucher, but his low assist totals say that he won't be very useful in creating combination plays with Frank (something the Bread Line was known for). *The line should nonetheless be effective at both ends of the ice, though they could run into a little trouble if faced with a very physical defense. *Anderson is fine as a puck winner, but I'm not sure what he can do if teams really get rough with Frank Boucher. *

You really went hard to build a line around Dionne, and it works for the most part. *Dionne himself is a great second line center in the regular season and we've gone over his playoff record already... *Gord Roberts is a better version of Charlie Simmer, the guy who went to the net for Dionne and Cashman is a stronger, meaner version of Dave Taylor, so the line should have good chemistry.

Primeau is a good big two-way center. *I still think he might be best as a 4th liner, but he can pass as a 3rd liner. *When I used MacKell as a LW last time, I accepted that he would provide very little offense if not used as center but would be decent defensively. *Good is a good two-way 3rd liner. *Is Primeau a good enough playmaker to get the most out of him?*

I think Troy Murray is kind of overrated - he seems like the first time in history when offense played a big role in deciding the Selke. *Career checker has a career year offensively and is rewarded with the Selke. *Other than his one big offensive year, he never came close to the award again. *Don't get me wrong - he's a solid 4th liner, but Mike Richards has to have surpassed him by now, right? *Bonin is a solid bit unspectacular 4th liner. Let me guess - you drafted Houle because Bobby Hull is in the same division? *I considered him for the same reason and I think his ability to chip in offensively has been underrated here - he's not great, but he can do it.

Overall, a solid group. *The 1-2 punch of Boucher-Dionne is strong, and the rest of the forwards, while pretty average as a whole, compliment them well. *I'd like the forwards better if you could somehow get MacKell at C, * *but he's acceptable at LW.


Bourque is one of true minute munchers of the ATD and is excellent at all situations. *Stanley is a below average but still acceptable #2. *He's big and strong with a good first pass. *He's really slow, but with Bourque as his partner, that weakness wont be exploited very often. *Definitely an above average pairing.

Second pairing seems below average to me. *I know EB and others disagree about Wentworth. *But I see a guy who if it weren't for a single line in the semi-discredited Ultimate Hockey would not be drafted as high as he is. *His All Star record is more that of a #4 I think, but then All star votes are not everything. *I would prefer Bergman as a high end #5 than a #4 but he's acceptable there. *This pairing should be very solid in their own zone and capable of getting the puck to the forwards, but won't provide much offensive support. *

Dutton is a hard guy to get a read on, but he was very physical and a leader and is probably a very good #5. *Owen is even harder to get a read on. *He's drafted for his point totals and nothing more, yet he may ha e spent time at forward, so how legit are his point totals? *

Bobby Rowe is an excellent spare, who really deserves to be a bottom pairing guy. *


I'm glad Belfour now goes about where he should. *In my mind, he really isn't all that far behind Martin Brodeur among goalies I've seen. *He's a workhorse too, so Rollins won't see much time. *Will Rollins be content to be a benchwarmer? *If he challenges Belfour too much, Eddie will have a meltdown (the only disadvantage to having Eddie in goal). *

Special teams:

Ray Bourque is an elite PP QB and Frank Boucher is good down low. *The rest of the first unit is adequate.

Marcel Dionne seems a bit wasted on the second PP, but obviously he's a great asset here. *Gord Roberts is solid. *I think Cashman and Bergman are pretty weak PP players.

Your PK defensemen are strong, despite my feelings about Wentworth potentially being overrated based off a single quote from a single book. *

MacKell is a great short handed threat and Murray can kill penalties. I'm not sure about Bonin and Houle on the PK - they were good defensive players at even strength, but that does t always translate into penalty killing. *Houle might be better on a second unit and Bonin perhaps not at all? *Maybe I'm getting a poor read on them though.


Great top end talent with a solid but unspectacular team built around them (with all the trading up you did, you had to expect that, right?). *Boucher - Dionne is a great 1-2 punch at center and the rest of the forward group is adequate. *Bourque is an elite #1, which props up an otherwise unspectacular (but not bad) defense corps. *Coaching and goaltending won't win or lose you games. * This is a team with no standout weaknesses that will go as far as their "Big 3" (Bourque, Boucher, Dionne) will take them.

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