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Originally Posted by tyratoku View Post
Alright so I will preface this by saying that "I have a friend" is really I have a friend. It is legitimately not me. A buddy of mine is in a bit of trouble:

Okay, so my buddy has a roommate who likes to smoke dat Marijuana. So, he wanted to smoke it in his room a few times and put a plastic bag around the smoke detector.

Before spring break, staff comes into each room after everyone leaves to make sure that there are no fire hazards. They forgot the plastic bag on the detector, so it was filed and reported and my buddy and his roommate have to go before the housing director on campus and attempt to explain themselves.

Obviously they don't want to face repercussions. We were brainstorming today, and they both agreed that if they could somehow find out if it was only going to be university punishment then they would confess no problems, but if the police were to get involved they want to get out of it, but its not like they can confess only if whatever, you know?

So basically, do you think the police would be involved? They are officially being brought forward with tampering of a smoke detector. That can't be that bad of an offense, could it? but one of their suitemates brought up it might be a felony, but then we thought that might only be in planes and/or government buildings but who knows.

So then we're thinking of reasons why they would have a bag on it, so they can escape punishment. Top three reasons right now are:

1. They had a grill from the first few weeks, had some bacon, and when it was cold they wanted to grill the bacon but didn't want to go outside. So they grilled in their room but bacon obviously smokes, so they covered the detector so it wouldn't go off then they forgot to take it off. They don't actually have a grill though.
this was my idea and I think it is the best one

2. Basically the same thing, except with a toaster. They do actually have the toaster.
Was my buddy's idea, he thinks he's gonna go with this, but I think it's far less plausible than a grill. Who the **** constantly burns their bread to the point where there is constant smoke? Come on

3. Admit to smoking, but that K2 or whatever is legal. Campus is tobacco-free, so cigarettes is out of the question, and they would get in trouble for smoking the legal whatever this is, but it would presumably be less than marijuana/tobacco.
This was my idea as well, even though I could not name the actual thing. The guy who smokes weed knew what it was called and knows a lot about it, could possibly work?

I also thought of how one of the guys could presumably have a lizard with a misting system and they didn't want mist to get on the smoke detector so they put the plastic bag on it. Not exactly believable but I think it's better than the ****ing toaster. Come on.

So, yeah. Any thoughts? Any other believable reasons as to why they would cover their smoke detector?
Your buddy providing he didnt smoke can just snitch and rat out the guy who did

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