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02-14-2006, 12:25 AM
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Originally Posted by DayWalk3r
From what I seen, American's and Canadiens doesn't care about the olympics like the europeans do, most of them doesn't give a **** about the olympics at all..
But I know that most of the europeans would say that winning the Olympic's is almost as good as winning the Stanley Cup, the dream of every european child who's playing hockey is to play for his native country someday, and representing your country is the finest thing you can do as a hockeyplayer.
My country winning the gold medal is very important to me. But, it only comes around every 4 years and so for 1460 days, minus the few days that the Olympics are played on, the Stanley Cup is what's on my mind. Some people may place more importance on the Olympics because it doesn't come around as often as the playoffs, but I say that the SC is just as important because all these guys playing hockey in North America are playing for the Stanley Cup, day in and day out. That is their job. The Olympics are a bonus in the lives of these players. Their job is to win the Cup, their vacation pay is to play for their country. Vacation is nice, but your job is the more important thing.

So like I said, I love the Olympics, but it's a privelege and if the player isn't healthy enough to go, he should not risk affecting his job by taking a vacation.

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