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02-14-2006, 01:11 AM
3 in 5 > 3 in 6
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Originally Posted by streakie
Yes we do, and we are yall's *****es, lol.

Mo on said they got cocky, they were looking to score more and forgot about their defensive game.

Turco will be fine, those last two goals were soft he should have had, but the team in front of him just went haywire. Too bad I thought we were finally going to hang on to a lead and win.

I read that the Kings got their inspiration from losing to us opening night, lol.

Oh well we are still 10 points ahead, with 2 games at hand. Turco had a bad patch that was part him, part injury, part whatever. I would not panic yet. This team, as a team will go far!
I'm somewhat surprised they don't use Hedberg more, just to give Turco a rest here and there, since Hedberg seemingly is a very capable backup.

It seems like the Stars D tend to rely on Turco a bit much when they have a decent lead (assuming that he'll just stand on his head and shut the door as he very often does in that situation). Their defensive "coverage" in the 3rd was atrocious - especially for that tying goal when Cammalleri seemingly walked through two defenseman before passing to Robitalle who basically had a 50 foot section of open ice to work with.

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