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03-19-2012, 10:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Emanresu Wen View Post
Lately, everytime I hear people talking about the Canadiens out in the public it has always been negative.

Heck, even the janitor at my university's sports complex and gym opened up his heart today. He's usually not much of a talker, really just minding his business keeping the place clean. But today I overheard him talk for a good 5 minutes with another man while I was changing in the dressing room. The poor dude was pouring his heart out saying how the players just don't care anymore, they can't even give a small bit of entertainment during a loss.

Almost all of my friends stopped following this season months ago, nobody knows who frigging Rene Bourque is.

During Montreal Impact's season opener, various TV workers interviewed fans over there and when they asked questions about the Habs, they either turned their head away or laughed.

I definitely think that the tanking ideology only exists online, because fans outside of a computer box definitely want its team to win, no matter the circumstances.
Those aren't fans dude. They re pretenders living in fantasy land. If you re a fan you support no matter what.I can't stand people who bail out. It seems very popular here.

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