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03-20-2012, 12:26 AM
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Taking a Snap Shot

Okay so, watching hockey a lot (both NHL and Junior hockey at my rink) I've noticed that most players don't really take full-on wrist shots, they usually opt for the quicker "snap shot". For those of you that may not know, the snap shot is like a wrist shot but instead of just shooting like you normally would you let the puck get a little ahead of your blade and then snap the blade into the ice to propel the puck. So I've finally learned some of the technique behind this kind of shot and I can actually do it now, but I'm having trouble getting some power on it. Right now it's not ultra-weak, but it's not as hard as I would like it to be. The other day I was skating with my cousin who is a phenomenal hockey player and I was asking him how he gets so much power on his snapper being about 5'10 and maybe 155 lbs, he's a very light kid. His answer was to lean into the shot and use your legs to transfer energy into the stick and generate flex on the shaft of the stick (like you would with a normal wrister/slapper).

This seems harder to do with the snap shot though, I can't really get any flex at all on my stick like I can with a slap shot because the wind up is much much shorter. I also find it hard to lean into a snap shot because I feel like my stick is just going to slide out from under me and I'm going to face plant lol. So my question is: how can I generate more power on my snap shot?

BTW: Accuracy right now is probably my strongest attribute. I can put the puck wherever I want so I'm not worried about that. It's just the power issue.

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