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03-20-2012, 03:49 AM
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Originally Posted by forthewild View Post
Your buddy providing he didnt smoke can just snitch and rat out the guy who did
I really hope you are kidding. , thats pathetic

@ tyratoku

All you gotta do is deny everything. They have zero proof you were smoking weed or doing anything related to smoke. Say you were messing around with a bunch of plastic bags as a prank and forgot to take one down. Police will not get involved over a plastic bag. If there is no smell or remnants of marijuana or pipes and such police have no reason to be involved in such a minor case of "vandalism" or whatever you called it.

DO NOT implicate yourself or your friend into a problem more serious than it has to be.

College kids do weird **** all the time. You don't need an excuse for it besides that you are young and were having fun and forgot to take it down. A minor fine is highest extent of your worries if you play it cool.

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