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03-20-2012, 08:07 AM
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Originally Posted by PaStromey View Post
I've looked at this particular draft for the Wings a few times already. Once again thought it was an excellent draft by them. Year after year they find "gems" in the laters rounds. Most of it has to due with their winning culture, superb management, and amazing player development. Everything we don't have
It just amazes me, but with regards to this draft, it doesn't surprise me in the least.

While so many other teams wander around taking shots in the dark and grabbing the latest thing or going on a hunch or taking a flyer or thinking they're simply smarter than everyone else, the Wings often just take guys who have known, unquestioned skillsets and then grab their favorites along the way in later rounds, having often seen more of the lesser-knowns than many other teams thanks to their 30 man scouting staff.

Of this list of players, they have literally ONE guy who seems to have taken a bit of step back this year. Otherwise, despite first picking 35th, they've got as good a group here as just about any team in the league got out of that draft.

Now, this said, I still like our '11 draft VERY much. If there's one thing we fans can't really criticize, it's the overall drafting since Snow took over. Sure, the '10 draft seems to have been an anomaly, one which was apparently dealt with immediately in the firing of Jankowski, but the other drafts have all been successful, particularly with respect to later rounds.

But still, I just marvel at what the Wings did yet again...

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