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03-20-2012, 10:14 AM
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The "old" snapshot looked like a modified slapshot. You created separation between blade and puck, wound up ever so slightly (not sure what the hard set rule on the blade leaving the ice was) and shot similar to how you would a slapshot off your far leg.

The modern snapsnot involves loading the stick. Some of it is arm strength, but there still is a lot of weight transfer. Most guys take snapshots off of what the old school considers the wrong leg. As a leftie shooter, I'm transferring weight/balance to my left leg while leaning onto the stick and pressing with my arms to load it before unleasing the shot. There is separation of the blade and puck during the loading process, and the blade doesn't leave the ice so that you can load the stick correctly.

The trick is really in the weight transfer onto the near side leg. This is going to allow you to get good flex on that stick. If you're having trouble after mastering the technique, you may want to consider a lower flex. The last time I played I was about 215lb with a 100 flex stick and didn't have much of an issue with my snapshots.

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