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03-20-2012, 09:29 AM
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You might want to check out these threads:

There's a guy on my team who just rips shots as you describe. Not much more than 5'10 or 5'11 and uses an 85 flex stick, but that thing bends huge on his snappers, which don't have a windup and launches off the blade.

I'm not sure exactly what his secret is, but I'm guessing his bottom hand is lower on the stick, so he can get more bend on the stick. Probably not quite as low as a slapper, not quite halfway.

If you can't bend the stick, go down in flex. You shouldn't have to really try hard to get some flex on the stick. And keep your wrists and elbows locked and strong to push your weight through the bottom hand.

Disclaimer, I'm not much for this shot as I use a shorter stick and keep my hands closer together with a quick push-pull for a really fast release off the stick handling motion. Works great for freezing the goalies and beating them in close. But that snapper technique would probably work a lot better for a defenseman or somebody who shoots from a bit further away and needs more pure power.

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