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03-20-2012, 10:02 AM
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I know this is going to be terribly unpopular here, but guys like Big Mac and idiotic stunts like this are why fighting is going to be gone from hockey in the near future.

Before you crucify me - hear me out. I'm not saying fighting doesn't have a role in this sport. I'm saying guys like MacIntyre don't have a role. Why? Because he's present for one reason and one reason only - to violate the rules in an effort to intimidate the opposition and gain an advantage on the ice.

In this instance he is reportedly upset that an opposing player was a little too rough with one of his players and wouldn't answer the bell. So far everything is above board AFAIC. He wants revenge (or rather he wants to send a warning shot across the enemy's bow to make sure they know that that kind of behaviour will not be tolerated). But then instead of doing the right thing (which I will elaborate on later) he goes nuts and just grabs people and starts throwing. In essence he's saying to the opposing player who is declining him "if you won't throw then I'm going to beat your entire team into oblivion" and Big Mac is big enough to carry out this threat. Even the linesmen can't control him. But by going nuts on anyone in a Springfield jersey he has given fighting a black eye. Because people will see that fight and use it as a rallying cry to stop fighting altogether.

What should he have done? He should have gone out and started returning the favour. You challenge the offender and when he declines - well then the bar is set. You do that to my guys and I'll do it right back to yours. Be a pity if all 6'5" of Steve Mac we're to plow all 5'10" of Matt Calvert into the end boards wouldn't it? Or hell, just punish Amadio - he gives up enough in size to Mac that he's going to hurt after every time they make contact. Eventually someone will have to answer the bell.

Of course Mac can't do this. He's a one dimensional guy. He can hit people with his fists, but he not really fast enough to actually check people. Which is why he did what he did. And why his type needs to be removed from the sport. You can either score goals, make passes, play well in your own end or deliver bone shattering bodychecks, but in my ideal NHL being able to punch just isn't enough.

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