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03-20-2012, 12:06 PM
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Originally Posted by onice View Post
We seem to agree on mostly everything except for Gainey's part in this fiasco. I don't excuse Gainey one bit. He's just as much to blame as Gauthier - if not more.

every time I bring up his name as one of the culprits, his fans pipe up with the Rivet & Kovalev trade.

I'll hand it to Bobsled. He won the Rivet trade but it wasn't Rivet for Gorges & Patches. It was Rivet for Gorges & a 1st. Timmins made the Patches part happen. But yes Gainey won that trade.

As for the Kovalev trade there you see the real incompetence of this man as a GM. He gave Sather the choice of Balej or Pleks. Sather made the mistake of picking Balej. How good would that trade look today if Sather had picked Pleks instead?

So basically you've got the Rivet & Kovalev trade on one end of the scale and a truck load of ridiculous blunders on the other end.
I agree that Gainey has to take some of the blame. I am just saying that he started off well. In fact, we were all praising Gainey for the first few years. Seems that he went off the rails with his family issues and that also coincided with Gauthier's promotion.

Just funny that the majority of the horrible moves started happening once Gauthier was given more responsibility.

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