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03-20-2012, 11:12 AM
Ohio Jones
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Hey Jon et al. A few questions...

Min Innings Pitched: 15
... this means that your pitchers have to get at least 15 innings' work in for your pitching categories to count in a given week, right? Is there a maximum as well? I guess this is just to require teams to dress a couple of starters.

Max Acquisitions per Week: 6
So we can only add up to 6 players per week via... free agency and waivers, is that it? I don't know how this compares to other leagues, does this setting encourage or discourage pitcher streaming? Which brings us to...

Weekly Deadline: Daily - Tomorrow
Does this mean daily lineup changes? This would seem to encourage pitcher streaming, but I'm not sure how it factors into the Max Acq/Wk number. There's a two-day wait for waivers, but I believe there's no waiting period for a free agent... I just know that the more I read up on fantasy baseball, the more I realize I don't particularly enjoy the idea of having to pick up and sub in junk pitchers every night in order to be competitive.

Playoffs: None
Interesting. I guess I thought the point of a H2H league was that it gave you the possibility of playoffs - more fun, more realistic, I think (although I suppose it's a bummer for the handful of teams that wouldn't make the playoffs that the last couple of weeks of the season wouldn't matter).

Finally, do we know if there are two more GMs joining, or can we plan for being a 10-team league?

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