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03-20-2012, 11:29 AM
Grant McCagg
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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
3 things:

1- We know already that we've produced the most NHL'ers or close to it.
2- We didn't hit homeruns.......yet. Which is something Price, Subban and MaxPac should take care of. But it is true that we've missed on potential great players. That 2003 and 2006 were key drafts and that we missed on them, also 2004 yet, the pool were thinner to choose from. That, I believe, for a guy who drools over the US, as he should, we should have a better record. So as in our own backyard.
Why do you consider 2006 a key draft - solely because we missed on a smallish (at the time) northern Ontario kid who was passed over by the OHL and then 20+ NHL teams? Because that one kid happens to be a francophone? It was clear in 2006 and even more clear today that it wasn't a deep draft year, and the Habs drafted in the latter part of the first round, so why was it so key?

The Habs were wise to move down..San Jose gave up a second rounder to move UP to pick Wishart..imagine how Hab fan would whine about that if it had been the Habs who did that! :-)

The 2007 draft was a key one for the organization as it had a top 12 pick, two first rounders, and three picks in the top 42. The club hit THREE home runs..withhold judgement if you like, but there's not a club in the league that wouldn't want Subban, Patch and Mac in their lineup. Whether Mac was dealt or not is irrelevant in this discussion - it is a look at amateur scouting..not club management.

As for 2003...without question there were better picks than was Timmins' first draft as head scout and he deferred strongly to his staff... it was a gamble that didn't pay off, but it's not like the pick was a bust....the club got 100 goals, 200 points and a future second round pick out of him. Of the 16 forwards drafted after AK in that special class, AK has outscored 9 of you can't simply say it was a bust pick...far from it.

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