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03-20-2012, 11:55 AM
Is only game.
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So this whole thing with a bad reciever might not be Cable One's fault entirely.

Tech is here and he said I had excessive signal, which he corrected, and after which the DVR in the bedroom showed improvement on a number of digital channels that were doing all kinds of artifacting.

But the reciever in this room with the computer is still not working. He swapped it out, and the replacement didnt work. That was the first sign something is up. Cause one bad reciever is believable, but two in a row? So he swapped that out for a third one and it STILL didnt work.

Eventually we decided it's probably a power issue. which makes sense, because I think there are two outlets in the kitchen that dont work, plus the flourescent light in that room does not work properly, so I can easily buy it being an electrical issue.

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