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Originally Posted by Whitesnake View Post
3 things:

1- We know already that we've produced the most NHL'ers or close to it.
2- We didn't hit homeruns.......yet. Which is something Price, Subban and MaxPac should take care of. But it is true that we've missed on potential great players. That 2003 and 2006 were key drafts and that we missed on them, also 2004 yet, the pool were thinner to choose from. That, I believe, for a guy who drools over the US, as he should, we should have a better record. So as in our own backyard.
3-And that drafting record should on his own fire Gauthier and Gainey. You can't be at the top of the drafting class and not be able to have a significant and gradual improvement as a team. You can't take those good draft picks like Streit, Grabs and Co and don't transform them into NOTHING. You can't have so many prospects do better elsewhere. We surely have the worst team of the league for that feature.

So clearly Timmins isn't the proble. But we've already established that already. Problem is that some still want to keep the guys who clearly stopped us from improving. Just because they made us a better team than the Réjean Houle era....Geez, when you are look as good people because you are doing better than Houle....are you really good? Or are the expectations set really really reallllllllllly low?
As usual I agree with most of your post.

I think you're being unfair trying to cherrypick stars in drafts that we didn't get though.
Originally Posted by Agnostic View Post
It's like that Seinfeld episode when the car rental company doesn't hold the reservation.

Anyone can draft a good player, the important part is to hold on to the good player.
This is... just an awesome post.
Originally Posted by airic000 View Post
Fischer over Giroux. It still hurts
Don't see why it would. Happens all the time. Why cherrypick one player who was drafted late in the first round five or six picks after us? Makes no sense to do this.
Originally Posted by RaMMuT View Post
Everytime I see or hear Ryan McDonagh's name I
Now THAT hurts. Dumbest trade in a looooong time on our part. McD, Subban and Pac all in the same draft... and we screw it up.
Originally Posted by onice View Post
We seem to agree on mostly everything except for Gainey's part in this fiasco. I don't excuse Gainey one bit. He's just as much to blame as Gauthier - if not more.
Sure he is. He sucked.

But I agree with that other poster, his first half tenure wasn't bad. He didn't rebuild aggressively enough but at least he was building via the draft and showing patience.
Originally Posted by Shadow Flyer View Post
Giroux wasn't even the player the Flyers wanted. They were targeting Sanguinetti at that slot, but the Rangers swooped in and grabbed him.

Hell, Bobby Clarke couldn't even remember Giroux's name when it was time to make the selection. Sometimes you get lucky and miss the player you were hoping for and have a gem fall in your lap. Simple as that.

The Canadiens have drafted well.
In 1983 Detroit was really upset that they didn't get Pat Lafontaine. Lafontaine was a local boy and was projected to be a superstar player. Unfortunately for the Wings, he was drafted by the Isels and Lafontaine did go onto fulfill his promise and became a top point getter. He was uber dominant in the early 90s and at one point finished 2nd only to Mario Lemieux in points before running into concussion problems.

So, Detroit had to settle for the 4th overall. Turned out to be Steve Yzerman.

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