Thread: News Article: 4 more years of Gomez?
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03-20-2012, 12:44 PM
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Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
Either Fehr and Bettman really aren't sure where they're going yet, or they aren't sharing much/any of it. So I don't think anybody out there has a real sense of whether the next CBA is mostly just going to be a re-up of the existing one with a few tweaks (which would make some sense IMHO) or something more different that requires a lengthier negotiation and more possibility of adjustments. I guess the latter favours us in term of the amnesty buyout possibility. But I don't know how anybody guesses one way or the other whether it's coming or not. Neither side seems to be tipping their hand, they seem very content to let the season play out and not distract from it.

Probably the BoG members will have some inkling of what's coming at some point. If Gomez gets bought out on June 15th, we can assume there were some upper level hints that the amnesty wasn't likely coming. If he doesn't, then it's just more uncertainty. Still 3 months or more left on the Gomez ticker for us. We're not going to get any final answers yet, alas.
Who exactly is motivated to create the amnesty situation? I think this is a notion created by hopeful people who want there to be an eraser for the Gainey/Gauthier mess. It made sense in the context of a one-time salary rollback, but doing it a second time would essentially undermine the salary cap . Managers would operate differently if they knew the league were going to burn their bad contracts every now and again. Don't see it happening to be honest.

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