Thread: Speculation: Hartnell's Next Contract
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03-20-2012, 01:07 PM
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Originally Posted by flyersfan9180 View Post
I like to think Claude Giroux is the Flyers best player.
I personally cannot argue with this -- unless Bryz plays like he has this month on a consistent basis from here on out... and even then, maybe -- BUT... at this point Harts may be the Flyers MVP for the entire season because of what he has given the team beyond his team leading goals and NHL leading PPGs... He very rarely takes a game off and not give 125% nor does he very put the team in a bad situation with wildass lapses of judgement with his action as he once was prone to due... His penalties have often been ones that leaves the team even or on a PP and very often puts them in a favorable position in that he agitates the opposition into a frenzy, yet does it in a manner that doesn't embarrass his teammates or City or fans like an Avery did... He has taken the Hartnell Down derisive joke and made it a charity rallying point; and his falling down is mainly from his all out play that means throwing his body around to accomplish his goal.

He may not be the Flyers best player... but he is one that the Flyers can least do without. Giroux should be a Hart Finalist, but Hartnell could win the Flyers Bobby Clarke Trophy as the team's MVP, and I don't think many people beyond diehard Giroux fans would strongly object.

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