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Originally Posted by Millhaus View Post
I don't mean to imply that I believe they are simply sent out to trap 95% of the time. I believe the system is designed to play off cues to either be aggressive or passive based on what the situation is at that moment. That being said whatever those cues are the way they are being read results in passive 95% of the time.
Gotcha. I suspect the system as rolled out was taught to err on the side of caution, to start. I suspect players got reamed out more for attacking when they shouldn't, versus the opposite. It makes sense to me, which way to err.

These were a bunch of get up and go players. It understandably will take time reprogram the brains. They have to learn to read and it all starts with Ovi. Now while I appreciate Bruce's system of constant pressure on the opposition, it ran its course, and did get it's fair shake. We just blindly charged and in war, you are going to take your lumps. And lumps we took.

Who's with me, charge! Look at Brooks and Erskine.

A guy like Nick may be our prototypical trapper. Great defensive awareness and the offensive skills to convert. I am thrilled he is skating. I may be the only one but I like the small signs of success we are seeing. It just may be coming together. We just need a f'in goalie to step up and seize the wide open spot.

Its our turn to do some shooting. We need to have the guns at the ready and mow em down when they come over the trenches. Once we get good at that, the counter offensive will commence.

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