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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
For some reason I can't get into breaking bad. I know I should like it, and I would generally find the kind of storyline interesting, but whenever I watch it its like it must be an off contrived episode or something. I've watched complete episodes and theres nothing in it that moves me.
I'm surprised that you don't like BB, there is a lot of thought provoking psychological stuff in there that i thought would peak your interest.

How many episodes have you watched?
The reason i ask is because you can't truly appreciate the show until you watch a couple of seasons. There are so many different storylines that are happening from many different angles and the tension escalates more and more as the series goes by.
I can honestly say that it's one of my favorite shows of all time, i'm very picky and generally find flaws in just about every show but this show is pretty much flawless IMO and there is not one character that annoys me although Walter's wife can annoy me at times.

You should really give it a chance and watch the first 3 seasons but watch the episodes in order from the Pilot Episode on otherwise you won't know what's going on, i think that you might change your mind.

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