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03-20-2012, 02:29 PM
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Originally Posted by bernmeister View Post
Respectfully disagree. Snipers who can bury the puck and ultimate best even the likes of Hank are more valuable, especially for playoffs.
Defense is what wins championships. Snipers get shut down.
Correct, no guarantee. However it is a reasonable premise with reasonable likelihood to succeed.
not even close. How many busts have there been in top-5? You do not trade away a very young promisng player that has shown he can do it for a possibility. Just as teh Isles how that worked out all those years.
However, if we don't want to be patient and wait a full 2 years (and I understand some complain about a window for Hank and Gaborik and Richards in their primes), then if we want to accelerate the process we need to take the active initiative to deal to improve. We are already good enough at every phase of the game except sniper/power play. But with Pens solid there, we must improve there to compete. It is as simple as that.
For one thing, I have no problem being patient. The window for Henke has more than two years left. To beat the Pens, you need goaltending and defense. You are not going to outscore them.

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