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03-20-2012, 02:43 PM
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Originally Posted by ban View Post
To upload tickets to stubhub, you have to email them to yourself, so the TicketExchange 2 hour cutoff is a moot point, you have already emailed them. That is why many tickets are not "Instant Download" at stubhub, because if they are they can not also be listed on TE. Once game time nears (prior to 2 hrs), and you have tickets to sell, you must take them off TE and email to yourself in order to upload to SH.

Prior to change (very recent), Stubhub also had 2 hour cutoff. Not sure why, it was not needed for "Instant Download", but they finally realized this and ended 2 hr cutoff.

When on stubhub, you are always better getting the PDF files sent to you, it is foolproof! The only way to load PDF is to take them off of TE and email to yourself. By doing this, they obviously cant sell on TE and more importantly the "real" hard tickets are electronically cancelled out. So, if a seller made honest mistake and double sold tickets (happens), the person with PDF gets in, person with hard tickets gets denied!

People "fear" the email ticket, but if it is sent to you by Rangers it is 100% sure thing (which is what happens when it is sent out of Rangers Account by season ticket holders). If it is forwarded to you from someone else (ie I email to myself and then forward to you) not 100% since I could theoretically send same email to 100 people, first to MSG gets in.

If buying from SH PDF is surest thing (to ensure you get into game, SH would return your money if you were cheated, but who needs hassle?)

If buying from individual, having tickets emailed to you, DIRECTLY from Rangers account is 100% sure thing. Any other way, INCLUDING HARD TICKETS, you are trusting the individual you are dealing with to not screw you.
Makes sense. I've always wondered about the hard tickets being automatically cancelled once you've emailed the tickets so it's good to get some clarification on that. I was under the assumption that that also applied under the "first to get to MSG" rule. Interesting stuff though, thanks for all the info.

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