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Former Thrashers Fans- Who's coming to the Jets game Saturday?

Just wondering how many Thrashers (former) fans are headed to Smashville Saturday for the Jets ‎game?

I am a former die-hard Atlanta Thrashers fan from Birmingham, and I have successfully converted ‎myself and my son to be Predators fans.‎

Really looking forward to it- it is going to be really strange seeing “our” former team and rooting ‎against them. It has been interesting, though- I thought it would be a difficult transition, but it didn’t ‎take long at all before they kind of just felt like another team.‎

I am thoroughly enjoying being a fan of a winning team, one that has a legitimate chance to make a run ‎at a Cup- after 11 mostly horrible years of pulling for the Thrashers, I almost don’t know how to act.‎

I am a little torn on what to wear- I am 100% a Predators fan now, and of course will be rooting for ‎Nashville and against Winnipeg just like they are any other opponent. But since we didn’t get any real ‎closure last year, I wouldn’t mind having one final time to wear my Thrashers jersey- I may just wear it ‎up until face off, then rip that sucker off…..‎

For those Thrashers fans who are coming to the game- are you wearing Thrashers gear???‎

Dennis in Birmingham

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