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Originally Posted by Kaoz View Post
He literally hasn't fought a lot of people, also pretty simple and also has absolutely nothing to do with my statement "he will literally go with anyone" which is what was being questioned. You're ability to stay on topic is lacking.

He didn't go with Laraque the one time Laraque begged him to, doesn't mean he wouldn't if the situation were different. And to the point I made, judging by the fact that he's fought guys who were bigger, just as tough, and just as much enforcers would indicate he certainly would. Common sense and all.

However, all that said, honestly, if saying Lucic is scared of someone or is their ***** makes you personally feel better, who am I to rain on your parade with common sense. Sorry for using paragraphs.
You and your damn paragraphs, always ruining my day Kaoz. Damn you for making your posts easier to read.

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