Thread: Injury Report: Anisimov gone long term?
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03-20-2012, 05:02 PM
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Krieder signed or not, is not going to be the solution coming out of college and never having played a game in a professional league.

No one was brought in during the deadline so this team is staying the course with a build from within concept. Rangers were never supposed to be where they are and just making the playoffs seems to be acceptable to Dolan.

The playoffs are a second season and no matter how much the Rangers can't beat the Devils or how dominant the Pens have been, everyone starts at a fairly even playing, except one game, once the playoffs begin.

Callahan is out and Stepan looks like he's finally run out of Gas. Considering how much he's played since the start of his college season in 2009, WJC, a pro season in the NHL, the WC, excelling everywhere, he's finally hit a wall and I can't complain about that considering what we've gotten out of the 2nd year player. We all knew Bryan Boyle was an over achiever last season and it's showing now. Should he still have netted more than just a paltry 6 goals? Hell yes, where's the Brian Boyle who was driving to the net with the puck off the boards? But more so, what about Brandon Dubinsky? He's failed to step up in the absence of Callahan and quite frankly has failed to step up all season. A few more than 8 tallies should be expected from a player who should have been a lock for 25+. He got benched for taking a stupid penalty and the next game was one of his best all season. This team has plenty of 3rd liners, if that's all Dubinsky is going to be, the Coach needs to let him watch a few from the press box and give him a chance to get his head straight.

Originally Posted by Hellohf View Post
Mitchell might be the most underrated player at the moment.
Mitchell has fewer points then Stralman who's a blueliner and played fewer games. He's not an offensive threat or reliable depth scoring, he's just a tweener who's peaked.

Start rotating players up from Hartford, be it JAM, Wellman, or Chris freakin Newbury IDC but these, now, veterans need to be challenged by younger players hungry to make the NHL. Bring accountability back and go with youth if the Vets aren't going to get it done.

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