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03-20-2012, 05:35 PM
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Greene takes those penalties typically because of his aggressiveness. It's something that is going to happen to a Dman that is asked to play this role. He is playing a role that is essential and personally I would love if LA had another Dman playing this way/this role. LA needs to be more physical in its own end. Next up is Willie at times, then Scuds. You people speak of 'dumb' penalties he takes, then what do you call the silly cross checking penalties that DD draws far to often? Those are the result of poor positioning, skill and laziness. Play tighter to the guy and he can get away with that same play, simply because there is no arm extension for the ref to see. At least Matt's penalties are typically the result of a roughing, elbowing or high stick from playing overly aggressive. DD's are usually the result of being dumb and lazy.

Adding Suter? ehhh.... To me it's not a pressing need that would address the team's greater needs. Suter & Parise combo because they are BFF's, hell yes you do that. You do that 11 times every 10 times it's offered. Other than that I think DL would be smart to upgrade and focus entirely on the forwards.

Bringing and pairing Suter with DD does make sense, but I will give you some other options that will have the same effect. Upgrade the forwards and turn the focus on them. You bring in ZP and pair with Kopi, trust me the focus will be up front. You upgrade the bottom 6 that will contribute more and the focus will change. There is a focus on DD because of the Kings lack of scoring up front. There is focus on DD because the old TMu system of moving the offensive through the points. There is focus on DD because the Kings D primarily sat high at the points and didn't activate, which causes backside issues and seams for them. There is focus on DD because the Kings haven't been that successful on working the puck down low like years past. The addition of King, Nolan and Carter have helped to alleviate this because of grit, aggressiveness, size, skill and frankly because they are now scoring. LA improves up front, then opponents won't be able to cheat towards Drew.

On D the Kings are in great shape. Another year with this group of 6 playing together just adds to the strength of this D core. Let's not forget there are still the kids in MAN that next year will also cause some upstream pressure on DL to make a decision.

Stoll. Personally I haven't taken a look to see who else is available, but I will take Ziggy's word. There isn't much out there. My #1 if I am DL is to go after Gaustad. I look at him and I see a younger Zus. Huge size, very good faceoff man and decent skill. His salary is also very doable at $2.3M this season. When it comes to upgrading the #3 C if DL doesn't land Gaustad it will be a very big miss.

Lokti as much as I like the kid just doesn't fit in as a #3. Not at this point from what I've seen. The kid is a lurker, a 'sid-ler" (Seinfeld reference). He will sneak up and steal pucks, but he doesn't play physically enough. Nor does he have the size to match up against an opponent's #1 or #2. Stoll plays more physically, but I think he is also undersized in this role. Again Gaustad here would be a perfect fit - all 6'5" and 212 lbs of him.

Speaking of stupid penalites, look no further than Stoll. He is the worst culprit when it comes to taking bad penalties. As of late since he started playing more physical he's taking 1 or 2 a night. Most of them are of the high-sticking and tripping variety, which are lazy penalties. I recall a few hits from behind, which were just dumb. Ones that he time to pull up and didn't. what to do with the guy. I would love for LA to keep him. I also want LA to keep JQ. but having two #1's doesn't do anything for them unless one is injured. That said DL I hope doesn't make a JB move, until he gets JQ signed long-term. This should also be a priority for him this summer.

JB/Greene to CHI for Bolland/Bickel. I say no to this for two reasons. Greene and it's a western opponent. Living in Chicago the take on Bolland is up and down. I think they had placed to much expectation wise on him after the SC team blow up. They had to let guys go and put a lot of faith that Bolland would pick up the loss. He didn't and has been as streaky as any other forward out there. I do like his all around game though. He brings it most nights and competes. Fans wouldn't be opposed to seeing him move, especially if it brings them a #1G.

JB to Tampa. If the guys gets moved them move him east. LA has to get some picks in this draft. JB is the best asset the team has to get back into the draft rounds 1-3.

this summer's plan for DL
1) ZP.....Dean if YOU don't sign Zach, YOU FAIL
2) P Gaustad to fill the #3C role
3) re-sign Quick to an extension
4) trade JB for draft picks this summer to get back into the first three rounds
5) re-sign Fraser for the #4C role
6) Penner, Stoll, Richie, Lewis, Parse, etc......walk away

just some takes on the different viewpoints out there......

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